Intelecom Online Videos Changing Login Credentials and Going Mobile!

Please take note of two important changes of login credentials for accessing Intelecom online videos
1. The login credentials for accessing videos through the Intelecom portal have changed.

To obtain the new username and password, please email onlinehelp[AT] your request.

2. If you have already created a collection under My Clips you will find a new feature which allows each user to change his/her email address as well as password.    This takes care of the problem of our old email strings changing to in September. Remember to revise links promptly due to our name change as they will not work if pointing to the old address after September 1st.

Student direct access to repository

Your students now also have access to the Intelecom collection through single sign-on in Atlas, as they log on to the library services. They can use the Intelecom video repository as a research tool and a resource for assignments.

Going Mobile on the INTELECOM Online Resources Network

Now your students can view INTELECOM videos on demand from the comfort of their own mobile device: iPhone and iPad and more! The smart technology behind the INTELECOM videos automatically identifies a Flash-based or Apple mobile device and streams the appropriate video clip to the user.

NOTE: Only Videos linked or embedded inside your courses will play on the Flash-based or Apple mobile device.

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Lecture Capture Best Practices

Interested in recording high quality video lectures? A review of best practices, tips for success from experienced faculty and an update of current technologies.

Campus Technology recently posted an article called Lights! Camera! Action! on this topic. Faculty discuss how it’s changing the way they teach, spurring in-class dialogue, and forcing them to become better instructors.

Article Link: Lights! Camera! Action!

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Want to access your Blackboard course from your Android, Blackberry and Palm?

Now you and your students can take advantage of learning on the go! Blackboard has extended the amount of platforms for the Blackboard Learn Mobile App to include:

  1. Blackboard MobileAndroid
  2. Blackberry
  3. iPhone & iPod touch
  4. iPad
  5. Palm

Below find a direct link providing info for downloading the Mobile Blackboard Learn App for the smart-phones and mobile devices listed above.

Also attached find a quick tutorial for download Blackboard Mobile Learn Apps Installation Guide

Prefer learning with a video? Watch it at the link below!

What can you and your students  do?  You can participate in discussion boards, read and comment on blogs, access music, videos and images loaded in the course. Students can also view the latest class announcements and their grades.

IMP: The Mobile Blackboard Learn App is free and can ONLY be used through WiFi. The only exception would be Android users on the Sprint Network who are able to use the mobile app utilizing a Sprint data plan without any additional charges.

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SoftChalk 7 Now Available – Lots of New Features

SoftChalk 7 LogoSoftChalk 7 is now available for Valencia College faculty and staff to utilize. You can download this update, including the new license information, at the LTAD Secure Download site. Visit the Blackboard Essentials Self-Paced course inside Blackboard Learn or email onlinehelp[AT] from your Valencia email account for information on how to access this site.

SoftChalk 7continues to build upon the success of previous versions of SoftChalk and responds to the needs of digital learners with a variety of new features.

SoftChalk 7 automatically generate a mobile-friendly version of content created in SoftChalk and detects the device a learner is using so that the appropriate version of the content is displayed. There are also six new mobile-friendly html5 learning activity templates available in SoftChalk 7, to enhance mobile learning content with interactive.

SoftChalk 7 added these new feature enhancements…

  • Embed any web page or pdf file into your lesson using the new iFrame tool
  • New SoftChalk ScoreCenter for Moodle allows you to track student score data in the Moodle gradebook – Already available for Blackboard Learn users
  • Download lessons and eCourses from CONNECT for editing in SoftChalk
  • Package eCourses in Common Cartridge format

SoftChalk CONNECT Plus takes SoftChalk’s cloud-based Learning Object Repository (LOR) to the next level with powerful, subscription-based services that allow users to collaboratively create, share and track high quality educational content. The CONNECT Plus account offers educators more personal hosting space, enhanced access control of content, collaborative content editing and automated versioning.  CONNECT Plus also offers the ability to reliably track detailed student score data through SoftChalk ScoreCenter.  CONNECT Plus offers the perfect combination for collaboratively building lessons among colleagues and a solution for educators who want an easy way to deliver content and track student results online – either with or without an LMS. (

Want to learn more about SoftChalk? 

LTAD3270-SoftChalk Lesson Builder
Hybrid Course: October 10-November 14, 2011,Osceola Campus,CRN 2382
This is a hybrid course that requires face-to-face meetings in addition to online coursework. Required meeting dates are 10/17,10/24,10/31 and 11/7 from 2:00AM-4:00PM.

Note this Error! Especially with those at Valencia with access to our Banner system.

When I try to run SoftChalk I get an error message, “Cannot find the main class.” What should I do?

Some users have a program called Oracle JInitiator that has caused a conflict with SoftChalk (which runs on Java). The following instructions should resolve the issue caused by the JInitiator program.


  1.   Open C:\Program Files\SoftChalk 6 and look for a shortcut to SoftChalk 6. The SoftChalk 6 shortcut icon will have an arrow on it. (Do NOT look for the file SoftChalk6.exe – if you have your extensions hidden, then you may see two SoftChalk6 icons; be sure to choose the shortcut icon.)
  2.   Drag the SoftChalk 6 shortcut icon onto your desktop. (If you do NOT see the SoftChalk 6 shortcut icon, you have installed SoftChalk with an older version of the installer. Please uninstall SoftChalk and then download the latest installer from our website ( and click Download.)
  3.   Double-click on this SoftChalk 6 shortcut icon to start SoftChalk.
  4.   To avoid confusion, delete your other icon (the one didn’t start SoftChalk).

(If you do not know how to find C:\Program Files\SoftChalk 6, go to your Start menu and right-click on Computer and choose Open. Then right-click on the C: drive and choose Open. Then open the Program Files folder and then open the SoftChalk 6 folder. Then follow the instructions above.)

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Web 2.0 Tools Series: Quizlet

If you are looking for a quick way to help your students learn terms and definitions then you might want to try Quizlet, a web based Flash card tool and much more.

Quizlet Sample

With a free account you can turn your list of vocabulary words or concepts into a set of flash cards. You can organize your flash card set into groups, and set privacy options. Quizlet has a study mode that will let turn your flash cards into random tests of written, matching, multiple choice, and true and false questions. Students can also choose to learn in game mode with Scatter and Space Race.

Flash cards are accessible and printable. For Blackboard users you can choose to embed them within your course content. Quizlet is also mobile friendly and can work on smart phones and iPads. Learn more about Quizzlet,

Blog written by Gary Kokaisel
Manager, Learning Technology Center
Valencia College – Osceola Campus

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Beyond the Standard Youtube Videos

Wondering how you can just cut that 30 seconds you need from a YouTube video to share with your class?

Check out the simple tool called TubeChop

3 Easy Steps:

1. Find the video you want to chop.
2. Select & cut interesting part of the video.
3. Share it with friends.

TubeChop Example

Wondering how you can have students comment on certain time points of YouTube vidoes?

Check out the simple tool called BlipSnips

  • Allows you to jump to where the comments are in the time line
  • Allows you to clean up the video, removing ads, other comments, and changing the starting point
  • Allows you to easily use an embed code to share it example

Are you looking to just remove all the YouTube Distractions?

Check out both & to remove all the distraction of YouTube’s ads and comments when sharing a video with students.

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Sneak Peak Webinar: New Features of SoftChalk 7

SoftChalk Header - If it's not easy it's not SoftChalkBe the First to Experience the Amazing New Features of SoftChalk 7In July, SoftChalk will launch SoftChalk 7 featuring Smart Mobile and other exciting new enhancements! We’re also premiering CONNECT Plus, our cloud-based, Learning Object Repository—PLUS powerful, new subscription based services that allow you to create, deliver, assess, collaborate and share educational content easily and without an LMS!Sign up now for a sneak preview webinar and be the first to experience these amazing new features:

Thursday, May 19 12:00pm ET  Click this button to register now
Friday, May 27 11:00am ET  Click this button to register now
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The Valencia Domain Name is Changing!

During the College name change, any links using the domain name will become invalid.  This means that any links to web pages or email addresses that use cannot be used after September, 2011.

LTAD OIT LogoOIT has started the process of changing existing links and emails to   Any website that uses the domain will be changed to

Current                                       New                 >            >      > 

Web Services will not be able to automatically change any references to that are contained WITHIN DOCUMENTS hosted on Valencia websites.  Therefore, content owners must make their own changes to documents such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents posted on the main website, or faculty website.  You should update and upload new versions of these documents as soon as possible.

The address is now valid.  This means that you can get to the college website via or

Start making your changes early to keep the users of your site connected to the information they need.

What should I do?

  •  Replace any links or email addresses referencing in documents you have posted on any of the college websites with
  •  Replace any links to Valencia Resources that you’ve set up in Faculty Frontdoor, Blackboard, or WebCT.
  • Replace any links that you have access to on external sites (not hosted by the college) as soon as possible to make sure everyone can find the information they need.

After September 2011 the domain will cease to exist Please use due diligence to update your materials

Please direct all questions to the OIT Help Desk at or at 407-582-5555

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Interview with SoftChalk Winner Kristin Bartholomew

Recently we wrote about Kristin Bartholomew, Professor of Nutrition, at Valencia who won 3rd Place in the SoftChalk Lesson Challenge  “Congratulations “Chalkie” Kristin Bartholomew SoftChalk Winner” Read her interview below about SoftChalk and why she uses it to engage her students.

SoftChalk 2011 Lesson Challenge Winner Kristin Bartholomew

SoftChalk 2011 Lesson Challenge Winner Kristin Bartholomew Professor of Nutrition

How did you get started with SoftChalk?

I started using SoftChalk a few years ago as I began my tenure track position.  At the time, our course shells were in desperate need of some re-vamping.  One of the adjunct nutrition professors had taken a professional development class on SoftChalk, and mentioned I should use this software to make the module lessons for our course shells.  She really loved the integration of activities and strongly ‘hinted’ this was necessary for our students.  The software was very easy to learn on my own.  By the end of my first year in the tenure track position I had both course shells integrated with learning modules from SoftChalk Software. I continue to update the lessons each semester.

Why do you like using it?

I love using this software because it gives faculty a way to meet multiple learning styles and engage students.  In an online environment, it is really easy to get stuck in a visual text learning style.  With SoftChalk, you are able to organize text in a visually appealing way with easy integration of images and video.  In addition, SoftChalk has multiple learning centered activities to complement the lessons, such as charts, crossword puzzles, flash cards, and timelines.  The software also has multiple types of quiz questions that can be used as practice or for assessment with scores added directly into the grade book.   I love that my students can read some text, see an accompanying graphic, watch a video, practice the content with an activity and then answer a critical thinking question to assess if the learning outcome was met.

I have recently developed a one credit online course here at Valencia that has no accompanying text.  The course is entirely online with learning modules created from SoftChalk software. I really feel this was successful because of the diverse learning centered features of Soft Chalk.  The software also has a feature allowing the student to print the modules so they can have a hard copy of the information.  It is not quite as nice as a textbook, but cuts down on student costs immensely.

Do you have a favorite feature?

I have several favorite activities that I use a lot within my learning modules.  I really like using the sorting activity because it lends itself well to the type of information I teach, and offers repetition for student learning.  But, the activity I find most fascinating is called “Hot Spot”.  It allows the instructor to create interactive graphics.  One example is identifying parts of the digestive system.  Students roll over parts of the body with their mouse to learn what digestive process occurs in each organ.    When you scroll over the stomach, text would appear stating the hydrochloric acid secreted in the stomach denatures protein.  It is a very kinesthetic type of learning style.

What do you students say about your lessons?

I get a lot of feedback from my classroom students.  Most of them find the learning modules much more useful than the book.  They like the repetition with the activities.  The students who struggle with content and come see me during office hours are usually not using the learning modules.  Once I show them how to use the learning module with their own specific learning styles, I often see improvements in their grades.  But, it will always be a struggle getting students to use the resources we give them.  Many will perceive it as more work to do.

How did you find out about the SoftChalk Lesson Challenge?

I receive electronic newsletters from SoftChalk to keep up on the latest news.  I also frequent their website looking for ideas from other professors across the nation and looking up directions on how to use new features I want to incorporate.  Their website is pretty user-friendly, so it is really easy to keep up on the latest news and contests.  I have applied for a couple of years, so I know when to look out for the annual event.

What was your reaction when you heard that you won 3rd place?

Honestly, I was in utter shock.  Since I had applied previously I knew this contest was fairly large, with many talented higher education instructors across the nation.  I was in disbelief at first, and didn’t really know what to do.  I happened to have my annual evaluation with my dean that day, so I shared the news with her.  Of course, Dr. Pitts was very pleased and proud of my accomplishment.  SoftChalk had asked that I not announce it until their press release, so I let it sink in for a while before Dr. Pitts or I shared with the rest of the college.  I have had an outpouring of congratulations, of which I am sincerely grateful.

What is your favorite feature in this particular lesson?

I was able to use quite a few features to help meet learning outcomes in this particular lesson.  I used the sideshow, hot spot, drag n’ drop, and several sorting activities.  But, one of my favorite activities used in this lesson is the “tabbed info”.  This particular feature allows you to put more information in less space.  Students ‘mouse over’ the tabs to reveal additional information.  I like it because you don’t have to scroll up and down a long page to read and re-read information.  I use this feature often for case study examples to prepare students for the real ones we do in class for a grade. The only downfall to the tabbed info is that if a student prints the lesson, the information contained in the “tabbed info” will not print.  So, you have to be careful about what information you use within the “tabbed info”.

Do you believe more open source materials and lessons should be developed and shared among educators, like SoftChalk Connect?

Yes.  My ideas are often inspired by others’ works.  It triggers that creative spark that leads you to a really great lesson.  I would like to see more discipline specific online communities to share lessons.

What advice would you give any other instructors interesting in utilizing SoftChalk?

Embrace technology.  Learning centered approaches to teaching can be enhanced by technology if you keep the student and the learning outcomes at the forefront.  This software is very user friendly, and there are plenty of ideas to stimulate creative lessons.  Sign up for the SoftChalk lesson builder professional development course to learn more about how to use this software for your courses.

Interested in SoftChalk? Register for the SoftChalk Lesson Builder LTAD3270 Professional Development Course. This is a Web-enhanced Course: May 16- June 6, 2011, on West Campus, CRN 2191 ( Note: Meets weekly face-to-face: Mondays 1:30-2:30PM 5/16, 5/23, 5/30, 6/6)

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Congratulations “Chalkie” Kristin Bartholomew SoftChalk Winner

SoftChalk Header - If it's not easy it's not SoftChalk

Valencia’s own Professor of Nutrition Kristin Bartholomew recently won 3rd Place in the Annual SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. Her lesson was entitled “Nutrition Support & Metabolic Stress” was chosen using a Quality Matters judging rubric with specific categories including lesson creativity, professionalism, interactivity, and how well the lesson reinforces student learning.

The Lesson Challenge, an online contest that ran from November through January, gave SoftChalk enthusiasts a chance to use their lesson content for something besides engaging students—winning money! This year another component was added to the contest—all entries were required to be uploaded and shared by their author on SoftChalk CONNECT, SoftChalk’s learning object repository.

Congratulations Kristin! A great representation of Valencia’s wonderful and innovative faculty!

Check out Kirstin’s lesson below:

Nutrition Support & Metabolic Stress SoftChalk Lesson

Want to know more about SoftChalk register for the upcoming LTAD 3270 SoftChalk Lesson Builder or check out a SoftChalk Webinar. Visit our blog Static to Ecstatic – Introducing SoftChalk for more information:

Keep an eye out for a future interview with Kirstin on how she utilizes SoftChalk to engage students

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